Small Floral Duvet

$325.00 - $455.00
Small Floral Duvet

Our duvets are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, featuring two layers of sumptuously soft voile cotton. The use of voile cotton ensures a luxurious feel that is both lightweight and breathable, perfect for a comfortable night's sleep. Adding to their elegance and functionality, these duvets are adorned with shell button closures, providing a touch of sophistication while securely enclosing the duvet insert. With Kerry's duvets, indulgence meets practicality, promising a cozy and stylish addition to any bedroom decor.
Reverse: self

Wash in cold. Dry on a low heat setting.

King: 105" x 92"
Queen: 90” x 92"
Twin: 65" x 92"

by Summer 2024
Small Floral Duvet Small Floral Duvet