Gaga Towel

$32.00 - $191.00
Gaga Towel

Introducing the Kerry Cassill Terry + Voile Towel, where the luxurious softness of Kerry's bedding now extends to your bath experience. This towel features a combination of solid white terry on one side and the signature Kerry Cassill print on the other, offering both plush comfort and distinctive style. The hand gudri stitching adds a touch of Indian Bohemian charm, elevating the towel to a unique piece of artistry.

Available for purchase as a set or individually, customers have the flexibility to mix and match, allowing for personalized combinations that enhance the elegance of any bathroom. Indulge in the ultimate bath luxury with Kerry Cassill Terry + Voile Towels, where comfort meets sophistication in every stitch.

Hand Towel: 14" x 24"
Bath Towel: 33" x 60"
Beach / Bath Sheet 37" x 79"

by Summer 2024
Gaga Towel Gaga Towel Gaga Towel