Lili T. The Clutch


Fold-over clutch in black, unlined, ca. 7x9 inches

These fold-overs are as simple as they come - they are sewn from a single piece of leather. They are the purest manifestation of a handbag, in the most literal sense of the word. A hidden magnet holds them closed on the second fold. I make them in various sizes and colors and in very different leathers so they are as versatile as your needs. You can use them as a clutch, a necessaire, or a bag-in-the-bag. Thin leathers, leathers with a firmer grip, sheep, calf - take your pick. And again - let me know if there is a special color or leather or size you have in mind, and I'll make it for you once I find the exact right leather for you.
Dimension: 7x9

by lala: Store Merchandise


  • Tan
  • Grey